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17:00 Uhr

Fachgebiet: Kardiologie

CCRC Seminar Series in cooperation with the CMMC

Early changes of vascular endothelial glycocalyx in critical illness

The Department III of Internal Medicine of the University Hospital of Cologne is very pleased to invite you to the CCRC seminar series in cooperation with the CMMC held by Thorsten Annecke.

Monika Schlosser (Dept. of Cardiology, CCRC Coordinator) is in contact with the speaker. If you would like to meet with Thorsten Annecke before or after his talk, please contact monika.schlosser@uk-koeln.de.

Overview of life science seminars at the University of Cologne

  • Thema:

    CCRC Seminar Series in cooperation with the CMMC

  • Datum:

    Dienstag, 27. August 2019 , um 17:00

  • Referent/in:

    Thorsten Annecke, Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, University Hospital of Cologne, DE

  • Ort:

    ZMMK (Gebäude 66), Mediathek, Robert-Koch-Straße 21, 50931 Köln

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