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Fachgebiet: Kardiologie

CCRC Seminar Series in cooperation with the CMMC

(Pre)clinical Development of Cardiovascular non-coding RNA Therapeutics

We are very pleased to invite you to the CCRC seminar series in cooperation with the CMMC held by Thomas Thum.

Stephan Rosenkranz (Dept. of Cardiology) is hosting the guest speaker. If you would like to meet with Thomas Thum before or after his talk, please contact monika.schlosser@uk-koeln.de.

Overview of life science seminars at the University of Cologne

  • Thema:

    CCRC Seminar Series in cooperation with the CMMC

  • Datum:

    Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2019 , um 17:00

  • Referent/in:

    Thomas Thum, Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies, Hannover Medical School, Hannover (DE)

  • Ort:

    ZMMK (Gebäude 66), Mediathek, Robert-Koch-Straße 21, 50931 Köln

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