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A unique aspect of this RTG program is the basic research mechanism-focused approach and the close link to the clinical setting at the UoC Heart Center and beyond. Our vision is that our RTG program provides an innovative and interdisciplinary education for our students by integrating cutting-edge research projects with collaborative supervision complemented by a structured training program.

Upcoming Events

CCRC Introduction Week

We would like to welcome our new CCRC students during this introduction week. 

The date will be announced.

CCRC Symposium 

2nd & 3rd of May 2022

The symposium will feature talks from internationally renowned guest speakers as well as presentations from all CCRC students.

FlowJo Workshop

13th of May 2022

Joint Summer School CCRC + iMGK SFB TRR259 

9th & 10th of June 2022

Tagungshotel Große Ledder in Wermelskirchen

Cologne Cardiovascular Summit (clinical)

16th & 17th September 2022

Cologne Conference in Cardiovascular Diseases

21st & 22nd of October 2022

CCRC Retreat 2022

October 2022 

Tagungshotel Große Ledder in Wermelskirchen

Regular Events

CCRC Seminar Series 

Tuesdays at 5:00pm

CCRC Journal Club

Tuesdays at 5:00pm

Previous Events

CCRC Symposium

2nd - 3rd May 2022

CCRC Retreat 2021

23rd - 24th June 2021

Tagungshotel Große Ledder in Wermelskirchen

Joint Retreat GRK2407 + GRK2408

1st - 2nd July 2021

virtual event 

CCRC Retreat 2020

26th November 2020

virtual event

CCRC Retreat 2019

20th - 21st September 2019

Tagungshotel Große Ledder in Wermelskirchen

CCRC Visual Communication

4th - 5th March 2021

Self-leadership Workshop for female PhD Students and PostDocs    

26th - 28th August 2020

Online Health Coaching

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the online health coaching was an ideal support to stay active in home office and to be in contact with all CCRC students.

CCRC Interorgan Crosstalk

12th February 2020

The exchange between students from different CCRC projects was supported by this workshop and new collaborations within the CCRC were developed. The focus was on interorgan crosstalk in various vascular diseases.

CCRC Clinical Stay – Hemodynamics

23rd July 2019

A cardiac catheterization simulator gave all CCRC students an insight into the daily routine of a cardiologist. Thereby, participants had the chance to try out this “operation” by themselves.